About HEDA

Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA Resources Centre) is a non-governmental and non-partisan human rights and development league. It has mandates to defend and promote universally recognized human rights and environmental justice in Nigeria and Africa, in accordance with international standards. These objectives are pursued through research and publications, campaigns, human rights education, and empowerment projects and programs.

At HEDA, we recognize that there can be no sustainable economic development outside the democratic context and in an environment that is constantly pervaded with corruption and bribery. Thus the organisation also focuses on programs to sustain democracy, based on the accountability and participatory governance in the country.

Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development

This focus area covers environment protection, environment education, green businesses, food and nutritional security, right to food, eradicating hunger, promoting women and youth involvement in food production, processing and distribution of food, agriculture value chain and job creation.


  • To promote food and nutritional security especially for poor and vulnerable people.
  • To strengthen productivity, income and resilience of small scale agric enterprise in Nigeria.
  • To promote inclusion and participation of women, youth and persons with disabilities in the agric sector.
  • To promote good and sustainable environment practices

Anti-Corruption and Accountability

This focus area covers Human Rights, public accountability, anti-corruption, electoral reform and resource efficiency. To serve as credible international hob for the resourcing of information on anti-corruption issues in Nigeria.

Human Rights Good Governance

To protect the fundamental rights of all citizens regardless of their class or creed.

Anti-Corruption Situation Room

A meeting point for all civil society organisations involved in tracking anti-corruption and the anti-corruption agencies to discuss the progress of the fight against corruption.