Monday Tango

HEDA Resource Centre (Human and Environmental Development Agenda) is a non-governmental, human rights and development organisation. HEDA is concerned with issues related to human rights, good governance, as well as environmental and sustainable development.

In order to achieve its vision, HEDA through its Twitter handle: @HEDAgenda, would be running a weekly tweet chat, and a weekly opinion poll on its Facebook page: HEDA Resource Centre. These platforms would be used to address various contemporary and relevant issues that affect Nigeria and Nigerians. HEDA, through these platforms, aims to enlighten members of the public on issues pertaining to corruption at all levels, and general environmental and human rights issues.

The tweet chat would take place every Monday by 2pm, and it can be accessed live through HEDA’s Twitter handle. While, the opinion poll question would be released weekly on HEDA’s Facebook page, on Sundays, and would run through to Fridays.